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Description : Xenocode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is today, a mature and fast growing company committed to providing reliable and cost-effective I.T. solutions to deliver unprecedented, measurable business value.

City : Nagpur

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Xaviers college

Description : To provide balanced all-round education, with the goal of forming young men and women who will be disciplined citizens and will display a high intellectual calibre as well as emotional balance and soc

City : Mapusa

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Description : We are passionate about the fascinating medium of light. XAL has focused on the medium in all its diversity, on its optimum adaptation to user requirements and on continual endeavours to roll back the

City : Pune

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Description : Excel coatings have been providing the industry with quality coating products and have helped a lot of customers achieve their dreams for more than ten years.

City : Udumalpet

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Description : Established in 1996, Xian-Ning Seafood Company Limited is a Thailand-Taiwan joint-venture company, processing and exporting frozen shrimp, tilapia, and other seafood to various countries worldwide.

City : Phetchaburi

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Xavier Bernard High School

Description : Welcome to the information request form relating to our training and the sale of agricultural products. Thank you for filling it out and writing your message as completely and accurately as possible.

City : Latitude

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Description : We help you design your digital strategy, asses your infrastructure, process and methodology capabilities. We assist you through your digital transformation from inception to launch.

City : Bureau

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Description : XPI offices are located in Casablanca. Our teams are at your disposal 24h /7 to inform , guide and assist you to face your challenges.

City : Casablanca

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Description : At the Xmedia and Event Digital Communication Agency, we hire people in Algeria, in direct or freelance jobs who are detail-oriented and who strive to provide our customers with the best support on ea

City : Algiers

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Description : As automation solutions grow bigger, smarter and more complex, the margin for errors is shrinking.

City : Sonderburg

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Description : Exeed believes in the leadership in exploiting the opportunities available and formulating products and services, which is crucial to gain and maintain competitiveness. The company promotes a culture

City : Riyadh

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Description : If you’d like to speak with a member of our team, please take a moment to fill in the form, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

City : Castelo

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Description : A software development company but, first of all, a team of passionate people, focused on agile methodologies and technology

City : mappa

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Description : We believe knowledge sharing is key to operational excellence and is becoming a critical aspect of every modern business.

City : Paris

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Description : Drew Guff, managing director and founding partner of Siguler Guff & Company:

City : Minsk

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