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Software Distribution

ChemInform Saint Petersburg - CISP Ltd.

ChemInform has been created in 1994 as research and development company. The research activity was focused on investigation of thermal safety of various chemicals including energetic materials, and study of chemical processes.
To ensure successful investigations in such a complex and sensitive area as thermal safety ChemInform paid essential attention to the methods used for investigation, constantly improving the existing methods and developing new original ones.
Our staff includes about 10 specialists in various areas: chemical engineering, chemical and thermal physics, hydrodynamics, programming, etc. The CISP achievements in the area of methodology for investigation of reaction hazards and creation of the problem-oriented software TSS and CES are recognized worldwide.


BioSistemika is one of the leading companies in software development for laboratories working in the field of life sciences. We offer our services and products on a global scale, particularly to the US and the European market.
The strongest competitive advantage of our company is the integration of biological knowledge with IT expertise. Our team includes members that were or still are involved in life science research. They work tightly with customers on one side and with our software developers on the other, making sure that we have a deep understanding of how software we are developing will be used on customer side. This ensures top quality of delivered products.

PlatR in the Lab

Pipetting guide PlatR’s purpose is to help lab personnel to increase productivity and efficiency, minimize pipetting errors and produce reliable results.

The investment in PlatR pays off quickly. If one person is pipetting one 384 well plate per week, the cost of PlatR is compensated within 5 months. If one person is pipetting one 96 well plate per week, the cost of PlatR is compensated within 8 months.