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Chem Meta Nitro Benzoic Acid | Cheminformatics

Meta nitro benzoic acid

  • SKU Code: CH136394
Chemical Name - Meta nitro benzoic acid
Mol Weight - 167.12
Smiles - [O-][N+](c1cc(C(O)=O)ccc1)=O
Property Name Property Value
Mol NameMeta nitro benzoic acid
Monoisotopic Mass167.021859
H Acceptors5
H Donors1
Total Surface Area121.03
Relative Psa0.46732
Polar Surface Area83.12
Reproductive Effectivehigh
Shape Index0.58333
Molecular Flexibility0.42864
Molecular Complexity0.652
Non H Atoms12
Non Ch Atoms5
Electronegative Atoms5
Rotatable Bonds2
Rings Closures1
Small Rings1
Aromatic Rings1
Aromatic Atoms6
Sp3 Atoms2
Acidic Oxygens2


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1 - Meta nitro benzoic acid
2 - Meta nitro benzoic acid
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