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Metal Salt

Cd2+ S-2-
Cadmium Sulphide

Chemical Name - Cadmium Sulphide Mol Weight -

Se S
Selenium Sulphide

Chemical Name - Selenium Sulphide Mol Weight

Ni O
Nickel Oxide

Chemical Name - Nickel Oxide Mol Weight - 74.

Cu O
Copper Oxide

Chemical Name - Copper Oxide Mol Weight - 79.

Co O
Cobalt Oxide

Chemical Name - Cobalt Oxide Mol Weight - 74.

Ag O
Silver Oxide

Chemical Name - Silver Oxide Mol Weight - 123

Ni Cl Cl
Nickel Chloride

Chemical Name - Nickel Chloride Mol Weight -

Pd Cl Cl
Palladium Chloride

Chemical Name - Palladium Chloride Mol Weight

Co Cl Cl
Cobalt Chloride

Chemical Name - Cobalt Chloride Mol Weight -

Te O O
Tellurium Dioxide

Chemical Name - Tellurium Dioxide Mol Weight

Se O O
Selenium Dioxide

Chemical Name - Selenium Dioxide Mol Weight -

Se H2 Cl O Cl
Selenium Oxychloride

Chemical Name - Selenium Oxychloride Mol Weig