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Analytical Reagents

Hydroiodic Acid

Chemical Name - Hydroiodic Acid Mol Weight -

Ag O
Silver Oxide

Chemical Name - Silver Oxide Mol Weight - 123

I- I- Cd2+
Cadmium Iodide

Chemical Name - Cadmium Iodide Mol Weight - 1

Hydroxyamine Hydrochloride

Chemical Name - Hydroxyamine Hydrochloride Mo

Au Cl Cl Cl
Gold Chloride

Chemical Name - Gold Chloride Mol Weight - 30

Ag2+ O O- O-
Silver Carbonate

Chemical Name - Silver Carbonate Mol Weight -

Ag+ O N+ O- O-
Silver Nitrate

Chemical Name - Silver Nitrate Mol Weight - 6

Ag2+ S O O O- O-
Silver Sulphate

Chemical Name - Silver Sulphate Mol Weight -

Cl H O NH NH2 N H2
Semicarbazide Hydrochloride

Chemical Name - Semicarbazide Hydrochloride M

Na+ Na+ O O- O-
Sodium Carbonate

Chemical Name - Sodium Carbonate Mol Weight -

Hg+ Hg+ S O O O- O-
Mercury (I) Sulphate

Chemical Name - Mercury (I) Sulphate Mol Weig

Na+ O O- O
Sodium Pyruvate

Chemical Name - Sodium Pyruvate Mol Weight -