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DNA Sequence Assembler

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  • Supplier: Chemryt Informatics Pvt. Ltd

DNA Sequence Assembler is easy to use software for DNA sequence assembly/alignment, DNA sequence analysis, DNA Sequence manipulation and conversion, contig editing and mutation detection.

  • Edit and view chromatograms
  • Cut primers
  • Assemble contigs
  • Reverse complement sequences
  • Convert between ABI, SCF, FASTA, GBK, etc formats

DNA Baser Assembler v5 brings over 350 new features and improvements:

  • 64 bit support. DNA Sequence Assembler can now assemble much much longer contigs! The amount of available RAM is now the only limitation.
  • 'Highlight IUPAC bases' function in grid
  • 'Show original bases' function in chromatogram
  • MUCH better handling for corrupted SCF/ABI files
  • Improved QV assesment for SCF files
  • Improved 'Batch assembly by subfolders'
  • Mutation detection: single/multiple organisms, multiploid/diploid/haploid
  • Advanced SNP detection - Offers you the most accurate solution on the market.
  • Automatic homopolymers error correction
  • Chromatogram preview in Project manager
  • One click chromatogram overview
  • Accurate internal base caller
  • Tasks-based interface
  • Even better sequence assembler and automatic end trimming
  • Full support for IUPAC ambiguity code


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