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Poultry Chemical


Chemical Name - Glycine Mol Weight - 75.0667

Na+ O O- NH2
Sodium Glycinate

Chemical Name - Sodium Glycinate Mol Weight -

K+ O O- OH
Potassium Lactate

Chemical Name - Potassium Lactate Mol Weight

Ca2+ O O- NH2 O O-
Calcium Aspartate

Chemical Name - Calcium Aspartate Mol Weight

Mg2+ O O- NH2 O O-
Magnesium Aspartate

Chemical Name - Magnesium Aspartate Mol Weigh

Zn2+ O O- NH2 O O-
Zinc Aspartate

Chemical Name - Zinc Aspartate Mol Weight - 1

Mn2+ O O- NH2 O O-
Manganese Aspartate

Chemical Name - Manganese Aspartate Mol Weigh

Cu2+ O O- NH2 O O-
Copper Aspartate

Chemical Name - Copper Aspartate Mol Weight -

Ca2+ O O- N H2 O O- NH2
Calcium Bis Glycinate

Chemical Name - Calcium Bis Glycinate Mol Wei

Mg2+ O O- N H2 O O- NH2
Magnesium Bis Glycinate

Chemical Name - Magnesium Bis Glycinate Mol W

Se2+ H4 O O- N H2 O O- NH2
Selenium Glycinate

Chemical Name - Selenium Glycinate Mol Weight

Zn2+ O O- N H2 O O- NH2
Zinc Bis Glycinate

Chemical Name - Zinc Bis Glycinate Mol Weight