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Mercuric Chloride

Mercuric chloride is occasionally used to for

Nesslers Reagent

Potassium tetraiodomercurate is an inorganic

O-Phosphoric Acid

Fertilizers are the dominant use of phosphori

Potassium iodide

Potassium iodide is a chemical compound, medi

Potassium Permanganate

Potassium permanganate is used for a number o

Phenolphthalein Solution

Phenolphthaleins common use is as an indicato

Silver Nitrate Solution

Silver nitrate is an inorganic compound with

Sulfosalicylic Acid

Sulfosalicylic acid is used in urine tests to

Safranin Solution

Safranin is used as a counterstain in some st

Sodium Thiosulfate

Sodium thiosulfate is a chemical and medicati

Sodium Nitrate

Sodium nitrate is a white solid very soluble

Sodium Acetate

Sodium acetate is used in the textile industr